Immersive Art

How AR, VR and MR are changing Art, Artists and Art Spaces

Over the past decade, immersive art has attracted attention from hobbyists to high-profile buyers alike. Virtual and Augmented reality installations have been seen at some of the most prestigious galleries and fairs in the world.

In this paper, we explore and provide extensive resources for readers interested in:

  • Current Extended Reality Artists and Art Tools
  • Noteworthy on-site exhibitions and works that can be viewed anywhere in the world
  • The logistics for galleries and museums interested in incorporating immersive art into their physical space
  • The unique considerations of valuation, distribution, replication and iteration of digital work compared to more classical media
  • Interviews from two highly established Extended Reality/VR producers sharing their insights on how they’ve evolved a process that is effective, budgetarily conscious, and how they see the movement growing and evolving.

With over 30 pages of incredible content and over 20 links to other resources, this whitepaper is your key to exploring virtual, augmented, mixed and extended reality art in the 21st century.

Caravan ArtOps is a leading firm in the field of art and technology. We used this expertise to create a series of white papers on art and technology.

This insightful series is a response to frequent inquiries from our clients about what technology to implement for their business.

This second installment in the series features Virtual, Augmented, Mixed, and Extended Reality, and their implications on the Art World – today and in the future.