Blockchain in Art

Bearish on Blockchain

One of the most discussed topics in the current Art Market discourse is the emergence of blockchain-based systems that have the potential to drastically transform how the market operates.

From distributed ownership models to digitized provenance to the elimination of entire sectors of current art dealership frameworks, blockchain – *as a hypothetical* – must be encountered as a profound agent of disruption for all aspects of art. But, is the Art Market ready for blockchain – is blockchain as a technology mature enough to restabilize that which it would affect if it were adopted?

ArtOps takes a look at the basics of how blockchain operates - and how it could or could not work as a fundamental structure for art ownership and sales - in this comprehensive new whitepaper.

Caravan ArtOps is a leading firm in the field of art and technology. We used this expertise to create a series of white papers on art and technology.

This insightful series is a response to frequent inquiries from our clients about what technology to implement for their business.

This is the first paper in the series called “Blockchain in Art: Bearish on Blockchain”