Webinar: Ecommerce for Art Galleries – Registration

Ecommerce for Art Galleries
The Art of Digital: Selling High-Value Art Online

With the online art market valued at US$4.82 billion in 2019 and forecast to increase to $9.32 billion by 2024, art institutions ignore Ecommerce at their peril.

Join us for our latest installment in ‘The Art of Digital: Selling High-Valued Art Online’ webinar series as we discuss Ecommerce for Art Galleries. We will explore how to integrate Ecommerce principles and best practices into a gallery’s digital presence. This can make a significant impact on yearly revenue through online sales alone.

For this session, we’re joined by Annika Erikson of Articheck. Articheck’s cutting-edge work with condition reporting for online sales of art and antiques has made a huge impact on how big-ticket art can be reliably sold via Ecommerce to international customers. Annika will share insights on condition reporting, Ecommerce operations, marketing, and much more.

If your gallery doesn’t have an Ecommerce presence as a primary cash pipeline, you cannot miss this webinar – register today.