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Viewing Room

Easily store artwork images, info (editions, shipping, location, ownership, condition), generate branded docs, account for any currency. Quick report generation.


Store limitless information about clients, artists, suppliers, and email subscribers. Each record includes purchase, offer, and conversation details. Categorize contacts by interests or purchases.

Sales Pipeline

Revamped sales process through Sales Pipeline connects galleries, artists, dealers, art advisors with collectors. ARTOPS ecosystem streamlines workflow for closing more deals.

Website Integration

Artops viewing rooms are compatible with websites created on any platform making the integration process seamless.

Invoicing & Accounts

Create invoices with ease, automatically update contacts and artwork records. Generate reports, lists, and export data in accounts.

Integrated Statistics

Track emails, visits, artwork viewed and origin to identify new potential customers for your art gallery.

Easy Integration

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Create new leads and manage existing ones.

With data capture forms, you can connect with new clients and use the information they provide to develop long-term relationships. Allowing you to share exclusive online exhibitions with a small group of clients. Artops makes it simple to keep your clients up to date on your latest news and manage the sales process.

Seamlessly Share Artworks

Listing your artworks on ARTOPS is a crucial part of your digital strategy. However, uploading artwork information should not hinder you. ARTOPS integration and built-in platform features allow you to effortlessly share artworks directly from ARTOPS to your website.

Revamp Your Sales Process Copy

Revamped sales process with ARTOPS streamlines workflow and improves engagement.

  • Sales Pipeline redefines art sales for galleries, artists, dealers, and art advisors.

  • ARTOPS sales pipeline will help you streamline workflow.

  • Allows for more time to be spent on closing deals rather than administrative tasks.

  • Innovative are implemented to enhance the sales process and improve engagement with collectors.

Simple Implementation. Big Results.

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