Online Viewing Rooms

An increasingly important part of today’s art market. Artists and galleries are seeing increased sales, more inquiries, new customers, and profitability through the use of online viewing rooms.
Caravan Art Ops

Simple Implementation. Big Results.

A simple image of an artwork is no longer enough to create a deep connection with potential buyers. Caravan offers easily customizable viewing rooms that give you complete ownership of your content.

Caravan’s online viewing rooms are easy to set up, edit, review internally, and quickly go live. Our service allows you to instantly create personalized, password protected viewing rooms for specific VIP clients.

Personalization is Key

Unlike other off-the-shelf solutions, our viewing room services allow artists and galleries to completely personalize the way viewing rooms look and how information is presented.

This allows our users to better interact with the viewer, communicate their messaging, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Expand Your Horizons

Compatibility is Standard

Caravan viewing rooms are compatible with websites created on any platform making the integration process seamless.

Make the Sale

Our advanced viewing room package allows you to accept deposits instantly from the viewing room. Make initiating the sales process easy for the interested buyer and capture impulse purchases.

Integrated Statistics

Track emails, visits, where visitors came from, and what artwork they view. This is the information you need to identify new potential customers.


Increase in Page Views


Higher Engagement


More Email Captures


More Inquiries