Kasmin Gallery
Google AdWords Management

The Brief:

To create an awareness campaign around Kasmin’s relationship with famed 20th-Century American Artist Lee Krasner during a period of heightened interest.

The Outcome:

A dramatic increase in traffic to Krasner’s entry on the Kasmin website, sustained after the campaign concluded. Increased inquiries through the Artist’s of East End Public Viewing Room

The Project Story:

Lee Krasner, a famed American painter and featured artist for Kasmin, had a celebrated exhibition in London during the summer of 2019. To further extend brand awareness about the relationship between Kasmin and Krasner, Caravan ArtOps was engaged to run a meticulously budgeted and highly targeted campaign to galvanize their association in the audience’s mind.

The Plan:

Caravan ArtOps has extensive experience with digital advertising campaigns, so we were able to roll over portions of existing budget templates and schedules to expedite the launch of this project.

Considering that this campaign focused most significantly on awareness click- conversions, our bid strategy concentrated on increasing impressions. We continually monitored individual ad performance to perfect messaging through multivariate testing, as well as increasingly focused location targeting.

The Process:

All good advertising campaigns begin with research, and Google Ads are no exception. To start with a wide net, we analyzed search trends and biographical information to design ads that capitalized on different aspects of Krasner’s history. We then wrote additional content on Krasner’s area of the the Kasmin website to better attune keywords and copy to site content.

Our ad construction process centered around multivariate testing so we could quickly iterate and revise for maximum effect, as driven by the data. Regular reports were shared with the client, featuring a descriptive executive summary with supporting data excerpts, as well as a list of upcoming changes and suggestions for next steps.

Measuring Success

Our KPIs for this campaign included impression share, page position, overall visitorship to Kasmin’s Krasner page, new visitors to the page, and to a lesser extent, click-thru. At the conclusion of the campaign, each of these points had outperformed market averages, with Kasmin essentially owning search results for Lee Krasner throughout the duration. Additionally, the project finished under budget due to campaign management efficiencies.

About Kasmin Gallery:

Founded by Paul Kasmin in SoHo in 1989, Kasmin cultivates a rigorous exhibition program that places historic figures of Post- War art in dialogue with the evolving practice of established and emerging artists working today. For over 30 years, the gallery has nurtured the careers of eminent modern and contemporary artists including Tina Barney, Walton Ford, James Nares, Ivan Navarro, Roxy Paine, Elliott Puckette, Mark Ryden, Bosco Sodi, and Bernar Venet, among many others, and put on the first-ever U.S. gallery shows of artists including Les Lalanne.

About Caravan ArtOps:

Caravan ArtOps is a leading firm in the field of art and technology.

Caravan ArtOps has worked with some of the largest art institutions in the world to sell millions of dollars of art and art merchandise online.

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