CADAF Miami: An Art Fair From – and For – the Future

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CADAF Miami: An Art Fair From – and For – the Future

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From December 5th-8th 2019, Miami is home to one of the most exciting art fairs of the season – the Contemporary and Digital Art Fair. CADAF for short, the fair features incredibly varied work from over 70 artists and galleries, with pieces rendered in cross-reality digital spaces, art created generatively and with blockchain, video and installation work, and much more.

Caravan had the opportunity to partner with CADAF and provide social media marketing and lead-generation services. Our work promoting awareness around blockchain and extended reality in art and the art market intersects precisely with CADAF and its mission. In fact, one of the central theses of our Immersive Art whitepaper on extended reality is that collection of modern digital art is at an incipient stage, and will most likely grow towards mainstream awareness as it finds a home in more traditional showing spaces – much like CADAF’s exhibition during Miami’s famed Art Week. CADAF’s organizational team are tireless evangelists for forward-facing art, and this event is enormously important in making digital art not only better known for collectors, but a commercially viable pursuit for the artists themselves.

If you’re in Miami this weekend, consider CADAF a must-attend event.

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